Saturday, July 5, 2008

basic brownies

Happy post 4th! Having been saturated with every which way to make ribs on tv, in magazines, etc., my very own husband, made a batch oh so delicious very good ribs. I don't know what he did, something about mustard and a spice rub, but jimeny crickets, they were even good cold. I had to work, but I made a batch of brownies from my Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. I had all the ingredients and they were so super easy, I didn't even need my mixer. Her recipe can be found here. I prefer this more fudgy brownie over the cakey kind, but next time, I'd probably experiment with a better chocolate, I used 2 4 oz. ghiradelli bittersweet bars, but maybe callebaut or something of the like next time. I bet these would even be more decadent with a ganache or a cream cheese frosting.

I have not been very inspired in the cooking department lately. Maybe once I get my thyroid under better control, life will run more smoothly. I have even seriously thought about cutting my hours at work and hiring a housekeeper to conserve my energy. In fact, I have definitely decided on the latter, and am excited at the prospect of me not having to scrub bathrooms and tile floors each week. My husband joked, "now, this isn't the sort of deal where you clean before the housekeeper comes to really clean, is it?" Haha, probably. Below, lifted straight out of the pan, slightly warm, because there's nothing like a warm chocolate something with some cold, cold milk.