Friday, June 27, 2008

the spanish rolls that weren't meant to be

Occasionally, my dad would bring these delicious things home when he had time to bake on the ship. These made for an absolute breakfast delight, and while my parents ate them with coffee, I usually had them with milk or guava juice. I had never been able to find a recipe until I visited this delightful page. I immediately got a pencil out and started writing this recipe down, triple checking and making sure I had every step written word for word.

Unfortunately, due to my excitement, I didn't take the same care in making sure I had enough flour, nor bread crumbs to make this recipe. So, after burning a loaf of bread, and trying to figure out how to flour my work area, the hulagirl version of spanish rolls came to be. I will serve this recipe justice and redo them later on today, after a very long nap, and after my mess is cleaned up. But, take a peek, they will make for awesome future meriendas (afternoon snack, usually with coffee).