Thursday, July 10, 2008

hubby's 29th!

I had some of his favorite dishes planned for dinner. But, he had other ones in mind. He got word today that he's going to Germany in a little more than a week for a twenty-four day business trip. So, he was rushing to get paperwork done, thus, making for a long work day. In addition, he had already made plans to hold his fantasy football draft with a bunch of his buddies at their local hangout, since I really had not planned to be home.

So I spent the day making this easy chocolate trifle using the homemade brownies in the previous post, chocolate mousse I made with heavy whipping cream and a box of instant pudding, actual instant pudding, and some whipped cream. I garnished with some chocolate cigars. It didn't really look pretty (quite ugly actually) since I kind of made a miniature trifle, but he seemed really pleased with the little taste he was able to have between a change of clothes and looking for his draft kit. I told him I would sing for him when he gets home, which, really isn't a treat.

I made some sticky roast chicken and the sweet italian sausage stuffing pictured below. The recipe can be found here, I'm not sure if I've blogged about this recipe before, but, I will always volunteer to make stuffing at Thanksgiving because of this recipe. It is truly wonderful and decadent; sure to make you poke a notch on your belt. It also makes a ton if you don't stuff your bird, so great for leftovers. Happy Birthday Bub!