Monday, June 2, 2008

been away for awhile...

...from blogging, from life. My work schedule + my road to hypothyroidism = no energy. I would never wish ablation therapy on anyone. The day I get off of a night shift, I sleep, wake up and eat, sleep. I've got a stretch of days off lined up so I've got some energy. I've been keeping the house clean, I've even been cooking, I just haven't had the will to write about it.

Since memorial day weekend, our grocery store has been in the dumps. I was aching to make hot milk cake with strawberries but gone are the wonderful, quadruple size containers full of strawberries. In the last two containers I picked up, every single strawberry was good. This recession/depression/whatever we're going through has seemingly depleted our produce supply at the store. I'm going to try tomorrow, I think Tuesdays are shipment days at our store.
I'd like to share the secret of the best rib eye ever. Alton Brown and his recipe, right here. I will never ever enjoy a steak on the grill as much as I enjoy this. Tonight we had it with pan sauteed spinach and buttermilk mashed potatoes. Using the same pan I cooked the steaks in, no cleaning involved, I added just a wee bit olive oil, browned some garlic, then a whole bunch of organic baby spinach. A whole bunch. I tossed with salt and pepper to finish. Very simple. Very yummy. I didn't have room for the mashed potatoes, and I usually eat those first. Below, a shot of my husband's plate. He refuses to use our white plates because they aren't round.