Monday, May 19, 2008

Overtime, blog recipe trying

I usually never, ever work during the week. Though, my husband works a M-F, 0730-1630, I find myself enjoying life more seeing him on an everyday during the week basis, than on a weeknight few hours basis. I'm quite nocturnal, you see. But, last week, I worked 4 twelve hour shifts, thus, me not being able to blog. I was trying to help a co-worker cover a shift of hers, but, boy am I beat. Overtime in a row almost always kills me especially when we're having an usually busy birth month, we're currently double the amount of deliveries we do and the month isn't over. When I first started nursing I used to do pick up shifts all the time, nowadays, I feel less motivated. I have been cooking, just not being able to take pictures of anything. My new thing is to try recipes from other blogs, and these ladies have really good pictures. This week we had Martha's Mac-n-cheese from SmittenKitchen. It was oh so cheesy, and, I think I've probably gained 8 pounds from eating a piece, I keep telling myself I worked it off grating all that cheese. I will definitely have to try the gruyere. For our dessert of the week, I borrowed Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies from Bake or Break. My husband happens to be a chocoholiclover and nearly died eating them. And though, I am not into chocolate desserts as much as he may be, I found myself eating 4 slices after the ganache set, also contributing to the 8 pounds I've gained.

Why is it that when I finally have to pay for my own health insurance, my health has gone down hill? I had to be nice and healthy as a military dependent, but blind and metabolism wacky as a real civilian. First, my hyperthyroidism, now, currently on the road to hypothyroidism with the medical bills to prove it. I just went to my eye doctor today expecting my vision to not have changed as it has been stable for the last four years. Bam, I managed to fail every eye chart test and got diagnosed with astigmatism. I had attributed my dry eye symptoms and squinting to my hyperthyroidism, but, I guess that wasn't it. So, my $20.00 usual co-pay, turned into a $265.00 new contact lens fitting, new glasses visit.

Ay buhay (that's life).