Monday, May 5, 2008

puppy love & penne

This is probably my favorite pasta salad ever and I can pack it for hubby's lunch for a few days. Red Meat, carbs, AND cheese, a hungry girl's heaven. Add a glass of wine and it's a hungry buzzed girl's heaven. This recipe is adapted from Giada De Laurentiis' Penne With Beef & Arugula. I didn't use a ny strip as the recipe stated, I gave my hubby our list this week and he came home with a bottom round steak (it must have been on sale or something). Instead of herbes de provence, I seasoned with a spare coat of olive oil, rubbed a clove of garlic, s&p, and some fresh thyme. He also came home with organic extra virgin olive oil and I thought it tasted much fruitier for some reason. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's different. This time, I also added parmesan cheese shavings, though I think it is better without. We've been into whole wheat pasta for awhile now, so that's what we used here. Arugula is a staple in our fridge, nice and peppery and a great alternative to spinach; for both we usually use the baby organic variety. To the right, a close up.

I took a picture of my puppies while they were waking up from a nap and I thought they were just really cute (I'm way more than just a little biased). The brown little sweet looking thing but really is a little bratty miss priss, is Ella. The laid back likes to get into dirt (she happens to be white with spots) and gets two baths a week is Reagan, yes, we try to scrub her nose twice a week too. They need to go to obedience school, but discipline seems to be something that's a problem between my husband and I, which totally negates the idea of obedience school. I hope we learn in the future or we will NOT be having the four kids I dream of. 'Till next time. I've got some yeast stored in my pantry, a rarity around here maybe cinnamon bread or garlic knots?

Ella girl

Reagan bear