Thursday, April 17, 2008

it all started with milk

The milk caught my eye because it was in this cute safe plastic bottle. More importantly, it advertised "tastes just like 2%." Skim milk freaked my husband out. To him, it was blue and tasted like water. His 2% tasted like cream to me. We made a lot of compromises in our first year of marriage to include toothpaste brands (he won this one), liquid vs. powder detergent (I won with liquid), but, milk was one we could not and would not agree on. So, I brought this home and it was a wonderful surprise. After visually proving that it was NOT blue he took a swig and smiled. Alas, we found our milk! It only took a year, but no more cartons left to expire. It just happened to be hormone free. One day, after a few months, we were shopping not in our usual grocery store and couldn't find our milk, so we went with a certified organic brand. It was good too! And, that's how we got we got our organic start.

I started to try organic fruit and organic yogurt. Now, we are not a totally organic couple and being organic doesn't necessarily mean it's healthier in terms of calories and fat, but, some things definitely taste better. We use Eggland's mostly because of the cage free birds. We (mostly my husband) try to buy home grown (not really organic, but, better than the waxed stuff in the store) fruit on the side of the road on days it isn't so windy that it hurts our face to walk to the barely standing fruit stand. It tasted great, mostly because the what's on the side of the road is whatever is in season. Unfortunately, there are no community supported agriculture (CSA) subscriptions around our area but it is something I would love to get into. I first learned about CSA in April 2008's issue of Bon Apetit magazine but learn more about it here. I have decided that the next place I move to has to have a weekly open market, a Whole Foods, a Target within 25 miles, and a CSA subscription.

So, to the milk that got us started, the fruit on the side of the road, and the cage free egg producing birds, I've made some To Die For Blueberry Muffins with a mason jar of milk, of course. Easing my way back into baking, I'd probably change a few things next time I use this recipe. I used low fat buttermilk (that's what was in the store) but the batter was so thick, I would probably just use the my good old regular skim milk next time. Also, I so freaking didn't learn from the corn casserole incident and tried to put the streusel topping on in front of the oven, in the middle of baking. Thus, not all of it got put on top and now my oven really needs a cleaning. Yes, more curse words flew around the kitchen especially during the smoke alarm going off. Next time, I'll just top them before I put them in the oven, who cares of the topping sinks? Overall though, these were an okay start to my new life. I had to slap my hand because I just ate 3 of them. I know. Bad, hulagirl.