Thursday, April 17, 2008


Aloha! Though blogging isn't new to me and cooking isn't new to me, blogging about cooking is. What prompted this blog? Just weeks before, I was on weight watchers eating separate meals from my husband (mostly in packaged form) miserable and hungry. I am a big fan of weight watchers and was very successful on it but it just wasn't working for my family. Then, I went home to Hawai'i for a friend's wedding and I indulged. I ate my mom's Filipino food, Korean barbecue, plate lunches, kalua pig, and wedding cake. It was the best time of my life! I know food is supposed to be a source of nutrients and emotions shouldn't be associated with eating but, my senses come alive when I'm around food: grocery stores, open markets, restaurants. And, I think indulging in food is okay in moderation and occasionally. So, I love food, and it's okay.

I currently live in the desert and work nights at a small county hospital. I often cook and bake in the middle of the night while the rest of the world sleeps. That makes for poor photographing conditions but I will try my best. Since I live in such a small town, we really don't have very many resources for exotic fruits and fresh seafood but I go out of town once a month where they just built a World Market; I'm pretty excited about the cooked food and baked goods that bloom out of these future shopping trips.

At one point in time, my parents had a catering business in Hawai'i and my dad was a chef for a long, long time. They were clean cooks and I did not inherit this. Usually, after I make something, the kitchen sink is filled with dishes, but we have a very good dishwasher, thank goodness. I'm deathly afraid of germs (especially nasty chicken germs) so I usually spend a lot of time cleaning and wiping the kitchen down.

I usually opt for organic over non, however, organic choices are limited where we live. I'm currently trying to grow an herb garden via seeds in empty yogurt cups and plan to chronicle where this experiment leads. Many of my ideas for dinner stem from things I've seen in magazines (like Real Simple and Gourmet); I also have a variety of cookbooks since I'm a cook book collector and now that I'm off of WW I can't wait to break into my Martha Stewart Baking Handbook.

Okay, enough of this, see you in future posts!